My Sisters and Brothers,

I am writing to ask for your support in my journey to be your voice on the City Council. It is no secret that the City of Portland needs some diversity on the council, specifically a woman’s point of view. This year you have the opportunity to make history by electing the first woman of color to city council who would bring a unique perspective from my social and cultural background that no other candidate could offer.

My concern for the quality of life issues that affect children, women, and people of color, stems from my own experiences as a child and adult black woman. I became a member and leader in a public employees union to protect workers rights. As a faith/labor member of Jobs with Justice, I have walked the picket line at midnight and at 6 am for the right of workers to organize and bargain in good faith. I am a member of the working class and proud of my peace and social justice activism. I will continue to work with other humanitarian organizations and “good neighbor” businesses, (i.e., ONE campaign), that are providing solutions to local and global issues related to the root causes of extreme poverty and global AIDS. As the chair of the Portland Rainbow Coalition, I have spoken in support of access to affordable housing, mainstream and alternative health care, natural and prescription drugs, living wages, operation green earth and sustainable lifestyles. As a citizen, I will continue to speak on behalf of peaceful coexistence at home and abroad. I believe war is costly and peace is priceless.

Why me, you might ask. As a community activist for thirty-five years, lending my voice to our issues for fair and equitable treatment by our local, state, and federal government, I have been rewarded with your unselfish willingness to participate in this process. Receiving fair and equitable treatment in the workplace, in business, in paying our fair share to make our schools, neighborhoods, community and state a safe and sustainable place to live, are issues that need constant vigilance. As your candidate for City Council position 3, I will champion these and other issues for the common good.

Why now, you might ask. Because, previous “good intentioned” candidates have heard our call for peace and social justice loud and clear during their campaigns and agreed to champion our cause. After elected to represent us, our calls fell on deaf ears. It is time to elect one of us, a common sense person from the common folks.

Here are three ways you can help me:

Thank you for your support and encouragement. In peace and hope, Lucinda