Lucinda is endorsed by the African American Alliance!

The campaign was notified by email tonight that the African American Alliance has given their official endorsement to Lucinda Tate. Lucinda, a long time activist in North and Northeast Portland, has worked for 33 years in service to the public. She is grateful to be recognized as the choice of minorities and people of color by the African American Alliance.
As your City Commissioner, she would bring the same result-oriented approach to all the issues, that she has brought to her work in the community. Make voter owned elections work! Mail in your signature and $5.00, by clicking on "Get Involved" on the left and following the instructions.

Campaign Update!

The signature gathering for Voter Owned Elections Financing has reached the halfway point. Approximately 500 signatures have been collected so far but we have about 500 to go. With the Elections Board wanting notice from us on March 20th as to whether we think we will make it or not that gives us less then 6 weeks to wrap this up. WE NEED YOUR HELP! If you haven't signed yet please download the forms in the "Get Involved" section and follow the instructions, get your family and friends to sign as well, or contact the campaign to host a coffee. NOW IS THE TIME!! If you believe in VOE, if you believe in Lucinda, please take a moment to do what you can. Thank you!

Welcome and Thank You

Welcome to our new web site! The campaign to elect Lucinda Tate for City Commissioner #3 is in full swing! To learn more about Lucinda be sure to read the "Candidate's Letter" (link on the left), to become one of our 1000 qualifying signatures check out "Get Involved!", and to chat with Lucinda on topics that concern our communities be sure to read and participate in "Common Sense" a chance to chat with Lucinda on topics that concern us all.

Where's Lucinda?

Saturday, February 4th: Canvass! (Inner SE/Hawthorne) Sign UP!!

Common Sense

Lucinda's blog, "Common Sense" is an invitation to take on topics in a more focused way with a large diverse community. Please feel welcome to stop by and participate in the conversation!

To suggest topics for Lucinda to chat about please send an email to

Get Involved!

  1. You can become one of our 1000 qualifying signatures (if you are a resident of the City of Portland) by downloading the signature form PDF, following the instructions and mailing it back to us with your $5.00 check.

  2. You can get 9 more of your friends, family and neighbors to sign the form as well and send in all 10 signatures!

  3. Contact us and host a 'coffee' with 10-20 of your friends and Lucinda will come speak and sign up supporters.

  4. Contact us and plan a night of walking your neighborhood with Lucinda, great way to got the word out!

  5. Sign up for a Saturday of canvassing, contact us for details of when and where!